SDG Pioneers

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At the UN Global Compact, the search is on for SDG Pioneers ― business leaders who are doing an exceptional job of taking action to advance the Global Goals.

Do you have a colleague or know someone that you think is doing great work to advance the Sustainable Development Goals? Individuals who are working at any level of a business that is an active participant of the UN Global Compact are eligible for consideration. Your nominee will be requested to submit the "Nominate Yourself" form in order to complete the submission process.

Is the nominee's company a UN Global Compact Participant or Signatory? (*Please note that only UN Global Compact Business Signatories or Participants will be considered.)

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We greatly appreciate your interest in the SDG Pioneers. However, at the moment we are only considering UN Global Compact business signatories. For more information on how to join the UN Global Compact, please visit our website.

We need your permission to share your name and contact information with the individual you are nominating as an SDG Pioneer. Please kindly note that your nomination is not an official submission. Once nominated we will ask the person you selected to complete the "Nominate Yourself" form.

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